You’ve seen them offered at yoga studios and you’ve probably thought, “why would I commit to daily yoga for a full month and not have time to do cardio or lift weights?”

Maybe if you see my results, you’ll reconsider the next time you see a 30 day yoga challenge.

As you may have read in previous posts, this year has been a rough one for me, particularity the last three months or so. Due to all of the stress and emotional trauma that I was under, I had neglected my health and diet in a massive way and found myself out of shape and considerably fatter than I have ever been before. This was all due to too much booze, bad food and not training at all for a good few months.

After many years of promising and planning to do a yoga teacher training course, the stars finally aligned for me and I was able signed up for a one month intensive teacher training. This meant yoga for 30 days straight!

The course also suggested we go veg or as much veg as we possibly can for the month. Reluctantly I did! Guys! The weight just fell off and after four weeks I was toned AF!

I do not by any means suggest using yoga as your sole workout regime..there is so much more to yoga that firming up your arms and abs and if your workout energy into yoga you’ll never realize the spiritual and inner work stuff that yoga can offer you..BUT the proof is in the pudding guys!

30 days of only doing yoga, no other training and eating way less meat and I am down 4kgs and looking lean and toned again!

Moral of the story: Get on your mat at-least three times a week to breath and move your body, eat less and mainly plants and you will have a banging body, inside and out.

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