Do you think only men are meant to build bodies? Not at all women are also entitled in body building and it has an amazing benefits to them which many people don’t know. Many ladies are scared of hitting the GYM but I bet you that you aren’t fit if you are among those class.

Body Building gives you fitness and stamina undergoing all abs makes you more strong, agile and attractive. Making a nice curve body and good b**ty shape you really need workouts that will give you the best result, body building in ladies aren’t that rampant because only few practice it. All those s*xy celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Rihana ,Beyonce etc are practicing workout and abs exercise for the maintenance of their body shapes which are very essential.

What are the exercise involved in body building in ladies?

If you have entered into an empty gym house there you will see all tools and equipments for body building, which both men and women can use for body building. There are some specific exercise for ladies as we all know ladies can’t do what men can do although they claim they can using this phrase “What a man can do a woman can do it far better”; Isn’t it funny? Let me ask can ladies have beards? Answer me if you can ‘Lmao’.

So let’s move down to it, exercise for body building in ladies.


This is an exercise most effective it’s for the b**ty, it is all about moving in a transitional motion of up and down and it influence is on body weight.

Benefits: It gives you rigid support in your legs and makes the muscle flexible giving you a curve booty. It’s sometimes called the best exercise for ladies because all ladies loves it. There are many types of squats such as body weight awaits, pistol squat, barbell siff squat, Dumbbell split squat, and gobelt squat which are all similar.

Single Leg Deadlift

This is a special type of exercise and I love it see how to do it: get a dumbbell and stand on it with one leg, raise the other leg straight to be in a straight position with your head.

Benefits: This exercise is good for curing waste pain (pain killer exercise).

Push Ups

This is a regular exercise it’s really helpful in building of stamina and good abdomen. A woman who does push-ups can strengthen her chest, firm and tone her arms and stabilize her core, or abdominal, muscles. Your legs and buttocks will also grow stronger and leaner since your legs help support the weight of your body when performing pushups.

Hip Raise

Wonderful exercise for hip enlargement, how to do it? Lay straight on the ground and raise your hip up and down simultaneously.

Using of machines such as :

  1. Abs crunch machine
  2. Dumbbell press
  3. Weight lifting

Benefits of Body Building In Ladies

When using this machine please apply the rate of your strength and always take a 40mins rest after workout. There are many more exercise in the gym house but those are best for ladies, Don’t leave the gym empty enroll now.

5 Reasons why women should lift weight:

  1. Fast rate to burn fat
  2. Relieve Stress
  3. Bone health
  4. For nice curves
  5. Weight loss

Body building in ladies is very good I must say I admire ladies that looks fit and attractive don’t you want to have excellent physics like those ladies in the picture start now to build up you body. Visit any gym center and enroll in gym classes and read gym motivational stories. Please share this post because sharing is caring.

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